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B.B.Q. Biryani Combo

(Tandoori Chicken Kebab Biryani, Big Panjabi Samosa, Salad plate, raita, soft drink)

( 3 persons AED 59 / vat exclusive)
( 1 person AED 26 / vat exclusive )

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Tandoori Chicken Half

( AED 18 / vat exclusive )

Marinated in a blend of spices (known as tandoori masala), along with yogurt, ginger, garlic and lemon before cooking it in traditional tandoor with charcoal. With extremely high temperature that gives a spicy, charred and deep flavor to it. It is served with Indian tandoor bread, fresh salad and mint raita.

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Indian Non-Veg Special Thali

( AED 35 / vat exclusive)

North Indian Thali allows you to taste variety of dishes – tandoori chicken, chicken and vegetable curries served with tasty long-grain pulao rice, freshly made tandoori bread, papad, traditional sweet, salad and raita. Combination of tastes makes your meal really enjoyable and with more satisfaction. Charred flavor of tandoori chicken and bread creates a natural atmosphere and genuine taste.

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Tandoori Combo

( AED 35 / vat exclusive )

Chicken freshly cooked in charcoal tandoor alongside with chicken masala served with long-grain pulao rice, freshly made tandoori bread, salad and mint raita is a complete and nice variety for your lunch or dinner. It's pretty affordable price makes it a good option for your daily choice.

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Chicken Chutney Rolls

( AED 13.50 / vat exclusive )

Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in traditional spices and grilled in charcoal tandoor. It is wrapped up in a freshly made paratha alongside with chutney sauce, salad and onion. Served with French fries and mint raita. Nice option for those who do not have enough time for their lunch or dinner.

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South Indian Chicken Chettinad

( AED 25 / vat exclusive )

Chicken Chettinad curry is one the most popular Indian dish originated form the region of Chettinad. This South Indian dish made with spicy gravy laced with onions and coconut belongs to one of the most aromatic and spiciest cuisines of India.

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Combo Meals

( AED 25 / vat exclusive )

Our combo packs are ideal option for your daily lunch. This includes variety of non-veg and veg dishes, curries, rice options, grilled and roasted items, salads and breads. If you chose on monthly basis we change the variety every day and week.

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